Problems with Assertion failures and out of range vector subscripts.

Submitted by Serafin on Wed, 11/07/2018 - 18:32

Hi, I'm using the Freeling 4.1 binaries in Windows 10 with the SDK installed in its latest version.

The only thing that my .txt contains are the words "This is a demostration.".

By running ... analyze.bat -f en.cfg --outlv coref <demostration.txt,
apart from the message about NEC and UKB, I get two assertion failures (Debug assertion failed!, Windows says nothing about them being runtime exceptions):

  • one from MSVCP140D.dll in relation to blahblahblah\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC\INCLUDE\vector Line:1432, "Expression:vector subscript out of range" .
  • and the other from freeling.dll and from that same file in the VC include directory in relation to the line Line:1233 "Expression: "Standard C++ Libraries Out of Range" &&0.

The same thing happens when I try to launch analyze.bat -f en.cfg --outlv semgraph --output json <demostration.txt. This doesn't seem to happen at dependency analysis levels or less.

Is this a known Freeling bug not patched yet?

Is the configuration with which I run the .bat wrong?

Am I not understanding that I breach some requirement regarding the visualC++ libraries, and the SDK is not enough?

The error seems to point to some part of the code overflowing a vector.

Although, that sentence works OK in linux version, it might be a bug in FreeLing related to coreference resolution modules and peculiarities of STL implementation in MSVC.

Coreference resolution has been improved since v4.1. 
If you build latest development version from github master branch, it may solve the problem