How to get an output similar to Online Demo

Submitted by jluispemberty on Wed, 03/07/2018 - 17:37

I wanna make POS tagging with the analyzer.bat program and I allready have it working, but me and my partners have noticed that the XML output on analyzer.bat is diferent from Demo's.
For example, in a sentence, the verb "lava" gives me this output on the Demo:…

where the possible options of tagging are into the "morpho" element.

But, when I try to get the same output in Analizer.bat I get this:…

This is the most similar output that I have, but it has some problems. First it doesn't have the "morpho" element, so it just shows the different possible options in the "token" element. And this output is just possible with the "morfo" output level.

My Question is: How can I get an output similar to Demo's one with "tagged" output level? Is it possible just using analyzer.bat or I need to do something more?

analyzer.bat is just a demo program and does not offer all possibilities that FreeLing has.

This is one of the functionalities not covered by the demo.

You'd need to modify analyze code to get that (or write a small main program as those shown in the tutorial)