Use Freeling with sentences without full stop at the end?

Submitted by nantesfer on Wed, 07/04/2018 - 17:44

Hello. I have just started using Freeling, and I am using it to obtain the lemma form (get_lemma() ) and saving it on a string of some Spanish reviews I get from Google Maps API. Freeling works well with sentences that have full stop at the end (for example, “Buen lugar, comodo y agradable.), but it does not when the review doesn’t have full stop (for example, Buen lugar. Trato amigable). In that case, Freeling won’t return the lemma form of each one of the words in the sentence, so the string remains empty.

Is there any way of making Freeling return the lemma form of sentences that doesn’t have a full stop, other than adding it manually to the sentence?

I’m writting the code in Python, using the example from

Thanks in advance.

That is handled by the sentence splitter.

The sentence splitter can operate in transactions, or incrementally.  By default, it is incremental, which means that it will assume that you will be providing chunks (e.g. lines) of the same text one after another. So, when there is no full stop, it waits to see if the sentence continues in the next chunk.

There is a parameter to control the operation mode and request that every call is fully treated, without expecting any continuation.

Check the class API description in the user manual: