how to compile freeling on Windows for use in java

Submitted by aramis on Mon, 05/30/2016 - 21:58

I would like to know what to do to compile FreeLing on Windows, to get a dll that i can use from Java through JNI.
I have seen the swig project as indicated on the readme in java section of Freeling Java API.
But i don't find "msvc/10.0/swig/java/freeling_javaAPI"
I think than that is going to give me the c files i need to add to the project of Visual Studio that uses the libs of FreeLing with the corresponding includes.
I have already built this project but i get a compile error, maybe i am not using the update 5 of Visual Studio 13.
Instead of doing all of this, could there be a way to get easily the necesary dll with JNI and the corresponding jar to use from Java?

FreeLing libraries will not compile with MSVC older than 13 update 5.
The Java API will compile with an older version, but I am not sure if it will be compatible with the existing freeling libraries (built with msvc 13-5)

Java API needs to be generated, and that depends on the installed Java version and SWIG version. So, the DLL is not provided in the windows package.

Some more information on building the API on windows is available at:

and at:

Were you able compile FreeLing on Windows?
Could you please share what you did to do it? I'm having so much troubles to do it