boost::system::generic_category() problem on Ubuntu 14.04 and Freeling 3.1

Submitted by accaminero on Fri, 04/29/2016 - 10:33

Dear all,
I've just installed Freeling 3.1 from source code in Ubuntu 14.04, I follow the instructions in… and I do:

autoreconf --install

And I get this error:

corrector/dicc2phon-dicc2phon.o: In function `_GLOBAL__sub_I_main': undefined reference to `boost::system::generic_category()' undefined reference to `boost::system::generic_category()' undefined reference to `boost::system::system_category()'

I've found the following link which solves a similar problem:…

According to this link, adding -lboost_system at the end to the g++ command in APis/XXX/Makefile (for XXX = java, Perl, Python) fixes the problem. So, for instance, the g++ line for python becomes this one:
g++ -shared -o freeling_pythonAPI.cxx -lfreeling -I$(FREELINGDIR)/include -L$(FREELINGDIR)/lib -I$(PYTHONDIR) -fPIC -lboost_system

After modifying makefiles, I re-run make but the problem remains. I've also tried rerunning autoreconf --install, ./configure, make, but no success.

So, could anyone give me a hint on how to make freeling work?

Thanks a lot

Documentation on gitbook is for FreeLing 4.0

FreeLing 3.1 documentation can be found in the old FreeLing webpage:

Also, the forum there has answers to usual questions on 3.1, in particular to your question:…

Finally, if you are installing freeling from scratch, I'd recommend to try version 4.0