about freeling response and confidence level

Submitted by criptero on Mon, 11/21/2016 - 20:01


I would like to ask two questions:

- Can freeling be configured to answer not only the best sintantic analysis, but let say, the best three ones?
- Can be obtained any degree of confidence freeling has in its response?

Thank you!

Yes it can, though not through the default sample program "analyzer". You'll need to write your own main program to do that.

Freeling HMM tagger can be asked to return the k-best PoS-tag sequences.
Then you can use any of them as input to the parser (this may be easier depending on which parser you want to use)

Check the user manual for classes "hmm_tagger" and "word".
The tagger constructor admits a "kb" parametre stating how many k-best sequences it must compute.
In class "word", you can also pass a "k" parametre to get_pos(k) (as well as to other methods) to get the PoS for the k-th best sequence.

The tagger has a method that will allow getting the probability of the chosen sequence.

You can tell the chunker to use the k-th best tagger output (with an additional parameter k for the method "parse". See technical documentation)

But you can not get the k-th best tree.