found_in_dict VS is_analized_by and get_analyzed_by

Submitted by mmineo on Fri, 12/30/2016 - 20:15


I was using an old version of Freeling and I was using found_in_dict, now I updated to the latest version and I realized that this method does not exists anymore and it was replaced by is_analyzed_by and get_analyzed_by.

I'm using Freeling from Java, so the name methods are a little bit different.

My question is, how can I know now if a word is present in the dictionary?
I couldn't find anything in the documentation.

Thanks in advance.

If you use stable 4.0, found_in_dict works as usual.

If you use latest development version (master in github) it has been changed.
Java method names are converted by SWIG to standard java "camelcase" naming.
so, get_analyzed_by will be probably getAnalyzedBy, and is_analyzed_by will be isAnalyzedBy.

In any case, you can find out the names looking at java code generated by swig in edu/upc/freeling/

To find out if a word was found in the dictionary, you can use w.isAnalyzedBy(DICTIONARY

Finally, note that Java API for development version is not always updated until changes are stable (or until a new version is released).
So, if you use latest development version, it may be that the API is not updated and you need to fix it yourself.

If you use Java, I'd recommend to stick to stable 4.0