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I'm ussing the FreeLing 4.0 for the galician language.

If we analyze the sentence:

Cando varrín contigo, xa varrera a escaleira e varría durmido

we observe that there is no explanation for the second M in the tag for the varrera verb.

6 varrera varrer VMIM1S0 VMI pos=verb|type=main|mood=indicative|person=1|num=singular - - - - - - -

This M we think that means pluperfect but it is not in the documentation ( (…).

When we analyze the sentence:

Non sei para que llo contas

we observe that "para que" has an A code that does not appears in the documentation too. What does it mean?

3 para_que para_que CA CA pos=conjunction



Thu, 01/19/2017 - 16:27

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Thanks a lot for your answer.
We have detected two other values that are not in the documentation.
In the sentence:
A miña filla é pequeniña
we observe in pequeniña that morphosyntax appears:
5 pequeniña pequeno AQDFS0 AQ pos=adjective|type=qualificative|gen=feminine|num=singular
where D we think that means diminutive.
In the sentence:
Non sei de quen falas
we observe the morphosyntax:
4 quen quen PR0CC000 PR pos=pronoun|type=relative|gen=common
where the second C is not explained. This second C we think that is num=common.
I'm using the page to get the results.