Basic NER Ignore list


I am using the basic NER module in Spanish and I have added some words to the Ignore list followed by 0/1 as specified in the user manual. Still when running it this list is being ignored by the program and the items in them appear tagged as NEs.
I have specified in the .cfg that I am using the basic NER. I have also tried both putting a space or a tab between the words and the 0/1 in case that was the problem (it is not specified in the manual), but it is still not working.
Has anybody else had this problem? What can I be doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.

It would help to determine the problem if you provide more information:
- Which FreeLing version are you using.
- An example of words you added to the ignore list.
- A sentence that you expected to work after adding them and it did not.