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Currently on-line summarization of generic textual documents in Catalan, English and Spanish. Using as a preprocess the Freeling 2.1 Open Source Suite of Language Analyzers. Lexical Chains computed following the study in Barzilay, 1997. However, a greedy disambiguation is carried out using the Relaxation Labelling implemented in Padro Phd, 1998.


"A New Lexical Chain Algorithm Used for Automatic Summarization". Edgar Gonzàlez, Maria Fuentes. In Proceedings of Twelfth Congrès Català d'Intel·ligència Artificial (CCIA). October, 2009.
"A Flexible Multitask Summarizer for Documents from Different Media, Domain, and Language". Ph.D. Thesis on Artificial Intelligence, Advisor Horacio Rodríguez. March, 2008.
"Summarizing Spontaneous Speech Using General Text Properties". Maria Fuentes, Edgar Gonzàlez, Horacio Rodríguez, Jordi Turmo, Laura Alonso. In Proceedings of the Crossing Barriers in Text Summarization Research Workshop held in conjunction with RANLP, Borovets, Bulgary, September 2005.


This work has been partially funded by the European Comission (CHIL, IST-2004-506909), the Spanish Research Department (ALIADO, TIC2002-044447), KNOW, TIN2006-15049-C03-03) y (TEXT-MESS, TIN2006-15265-C06), the Ministry of Universities, Research and Information Society (DURSI) of the Catalan Government, and the European Social Fund.


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