Demo coreferences not working

Submitted by mb89 on Mon, 02/12/2018 - 16:41

Somewhere in the last few months the output of the Online Demo changed and coreferences are not identified anymore.

For example I used the sentence: "A claim should be created, before it can be approved."
and output 'Semantic Graph'.

Can this be fixed? I can really use that for my research.

We added a new coreference solver and it may produce different results (probably better in some cases, and worse in some others)

So, they ARE indentified. Simply, they are not it your example sentence.

However, both coreference solvers are included in FreeLing, so you can execute the old one if you need to.

If you need it for research, you should install FreeLing locally so you can control the execution parameters, not rely on a demo that is subject to change anytime.