Submitted by giomach on Thu, 03/28/2019 - 13:24

After installing FreeLing 4.1 (under Windows 10), I run analyser, and the following files are reported missing: MSVCP140D.dll, VCRUNTIME140D.dll and ucrtbased.dll. These are Microsoft files, which are not available unless Visual Studio is installed. I believe that the "d" in the filenames stands for "debug", and it would seem that this binary has been made in debug mode. Was there a reason to use debug mode rather than "release" mode? In release mode, the files needed would be MSVCP140.dll etc, which can be downloaded from MS.

The package should have been built in Release mode, but it is possible CMake or MVS had its own opinion about that...

We'll try to improve this in the next release, altough FreeLing is a Linux-based project and Windows ports are not our priority.

You may want to try to compile it yourself in Release mode. Improvements to CMake files that deal with this will be very welcome.