What was new in FreeLing 4.1?

Submitted by lluisp on Thu, 10/25/2018 - 12:57

What's new in FreeLing 4.1

  • Many small bug-fixing and linguistic data cleaning
  • CMake-based installation easing compilation in linux, macOS, and windows
  • CMake-based automated generation of APIs for java, and python2, and python3.
  • Improved Java and Python APIs.
  • Word Embedding managing module
  • Changes in Language support:
    • Added dictionaries for Chilean Spanish variant
    • Trained Statistical dependency parser for Portuguese
    • Improved Coreference Resolution (English and Spanish)
    • Improved handling of German multiwords and compound words
    • Added German WordNet and WSD
    • Retrained German PoS tagger and dependency parser.
    • Added Russian WordNet and WSD
    • Retrained Galician NER and NEC