Installation and usage clear

Submitted by aryaajit on Thu, 05/26/2016 - 10:10

Analyzer is easy to configure but not understandable every easily for example the value it is giving

when we are using server mode it take too much time and never stop the task
also when i am using in MSVC 10 i am getting problem in executing file for python

FL 4.0 stable is available.
You don't need to use beta anymore.
Also, FL 4.0 source includes MSVC projects to compile in windows, but you need MSVC 13 or newer. is python. You need to build the python API to use it.

Server mode in windows does not work properly, because server uses linux fork(), not available on windows. Thus, the server stops after first client.

Just a reminder:
- FreeLing is a linux-based project. Windows support is partial.
If you want to contribute with fixes, msvc project files, or
any other kind of code, you'll be very welcome

- FreeLing is a library: "analyzer" is just a demo program, and "server mode" is
also just an example to show that FreeLing can run as a server.
They are not intended for production use.

OPTION (A). Install FreeLing on Windows from a binary package.

Use this option if you only want to use FreeLing as an out-of-the-box analyzer
or as an external library.

What do this mean out-of-the-box analyzer

"out-of-the-box" means that it is a package that is already bundled and ready to run without compilation or complex installation steps, but that you can not modify the code (since it is already compiled).
However, since FreeLing separates code and data, you can modifiy the data files to adapt the behaviour to your needs. Look for packages `` or `` in the download section.