Verbs suddenly missing in Freeling dictionary (PT)?

Submitted by pbholmen on Wed, 12/09/2020 - 19:39


I'm using the Portuguese Freeling dictionary data file for a tool for personal use. I just upgraded Freeling using Homebrew on macOS, the current version is stated as 4.2_1

A very common verb, "resolver" is suddenly missing. I looked in the GitHub repo, and see that it is also missing in FreeLing/data/pt/dictionary/entries/verbs.

I looked at the History for the file and found three commits, one named "Initial load version 4.0 (beta1)", in this version the verb is there. The second commit is named "new pt data", also here it is included, and the third commit, made on May 4 2016, named "improves in dict solving" does not include the verb.

I understand that it's not meant to be a data source for arbitrary tools, so I wonder is this a regression or meant to be that way? Is the verb handled some other place in the Freeling system? Or have I accidentally installed a development version and not an official release?

it may just be it was deleted by mistake.

If you improve the dictionary entries in data/pt/dictionary/entries, you're welcome to pull request them